When is waste, waist?

Although it may be hard to believe, think about it for a moment, the minute you buy food it has the potential to become waste or waist.

There it is, in the fridge, in all its glory of deliciousness, twinkling at you every time you open the door and that little light goes on…’Eat me’…it says; so you do, because…well it would be rude not to…Now let’s open the fridge door again, there it is still twinkling, still delicious, but this time you ask yourself ‘am I hungry, no I’m not, so you grab it and throw it in the bin, it’s gone and you feel so good!

This same ‘can I stomach this – yes I can/no I can’t’ debate goes on in your head time after time, regardless of whether it’s the fridge, biscuit barrel, sweetie/chocolate stash, cake tin, wine bottle, nut box…the list just goes on…

So what’s the difference between the bin and your stomach? NOTHING!

You wasted the food from the moment you put it in your trolley and the bigger waist is the one you need to think about. The one that makes you feel so unhappy, the one that causes you grief.

Its time to make some positive changes:
Buy less – you will never go hungry
Cook less – you will never go hungry
Put less on your plate – you will never go hungry
Always put everything you are going to eat on a plate and sit down – you will never go hungry

Enjoy your food, taste your food, listen to your body and never again make waste waist!