What a success – my number one girl!!

Yes I’m biased, but over the past year to eighteen months my beautiful daughter has lost around two stoNa & Frankne, following hypnotherapy sessions with me. It’s been slow and steady; no crash dieting, no Cambridge dieting…in fact no dieting at all. She just doesn’t eat as much, she leaves food on her plate, she’s not worrying about food and the transformation has been amazing, proving that if you really want to do something you can.

She has exercised more and made the choice to eat healthy foods such as avocado pears, salads, fish and smoothies laced with nut butters and of course she has over the time eaten out, been on the occasional cocktail splash and eaten pud, chocolate and cake.

But she hasn’t let these blips worry her to the same extent as they would have done in the past, as she no longer sees them as major blips. ‘It’s happened…move on’.  She’s taken control and she knows she can leave the food, however delicious, on her plate if she’s not hungry…I hope you’ll agree a truly fabulous star!