Weight management

DIETING…we know all about it,  been there, done it and got several drawers of T shirts in a variety of sizes, so before we go any further this is not about dieting, but about why and how we eat.

All of us ‘professional dieters’ know that we are yoyo’s: that there is always another Monday, another book, another product, another great idea, another pill.

The dieting industry wants us to eat, we make them money, without us they are doomed!!!

But we owe it to ourselves to stop: think health, think wallet, think ME…think Why do I do it? Why do I eat? Why do I sabotage a diet and make myself unhappy?

The first place to make the change, is in the brain…

How we see ourselves

How we think others see us

Do we want to be slim?

Are we happy as we are?

Whose fault is it anyway?

Who can we blame, Mum, Dad, Great Aunt Ethel three times removed?

Together, with counselling, hypnotherapy and positive action we can work through all of these demons, and more and make a real difference as to how and who you want to be.

Contact karuna-aspire to talk this through and let’s plan a new way of thinking for you