A fear of enclosed spaces – client from Berkhamsted

A trip of a life time…A client’s trip away was causing huge concern, with flying and lifts to plan for!!

‘Now the flights…………….well, I was extremely proud of myself! Emirates wairportsere a great airline, I didn’t really like the plane from Dubai to Hyderbad as it was a bit smaller than the first flight –but I stuck it out. I did use your relaxation cd, which was on my iPod and this helped too. I also did lifts!! To my absolute delight, the lifts in our hotel were glass ones – hooray! I ended up going in them on my own!!!!’

A nail biting client from London

“Sue really helped me get over a 20+ year habit of biting my nails.  I suffer from anxiety and for most of my life, I bit them constantly and even to the point of bleeding.  I tried everything I could to stop, even false nails and nothing worked!  Sue’s treatment has resulted in my now lovely, long and healthy nails.  I’m so proud of how they look and I get so many compliments. Thanks Sue!”

A client from Buckinghamshire

“I do feel the sessions had been valuable and the tools that you gave me are a help. The mind really is the key to change, if you can change your attitude then change can happen!”

An arachnophobic client from Hertfordshire

“I was terrified of spiders, but after only one session with Sue I can now be in the same room as one and even managed to get rid of one by touching it…amazing.”

A weight and eating issues client from Hertfordshire

“Sue not only hypnotises you but explores your emotional tie with food.  You will leave her sessions feeling relaxed and positive about yourself and have a new approach to eating, only when you’re hungry. After years of dieting – this is definitely the way forward.”

Getting life back on track client from Hertfordshire

I booked with Sue to lose weight but under hypnosis, I somehow faced a deeper emotional problem, that had consumed my life for months. As soon as I left Sue I felt free from the troubled thoughts, that had caused me so much pain. I felt free to live my life again.”

A new way of thinking for a client from Hertfordshire

“Absolutely brilliant, I can’t recommend HT highly enough. As an individual all you need to do is believe; I mean a deep down belief it works. Having used the “power of the mind” for some time now in it’s different forms such as deep meditation and visualisation I find working with Sue has enabled me to move to a far higher level of success. Working one to one with Sue has forced me to focus my thoughts and energy on specific areas of my life with 100% success. All I can say is try it, believe and let the power of your mind guide you. Enjoy.”

Being back in charge of her eating – a client from Hertfordshire

After many years of struggling with my relationship with food, from being bulimic in my late teens and for many years after, to silly fad diets and weighing myself every day for many many years, I came to Sue in desperation just under a year ago as i had had enough and i wanted to shed myself of the burden of thinking about food constantly, feeling guilty for having eaten something i shouldn’t have that i didn’t really want, and being a prisoner to my scales every morning which never made me feel any better. After the first visit i felt my mind set had changed, and after about four visits i felt i could go it alone. I no longer weighed myself every morning, often going a week to two weeks with out doing so, I ate when i was hungry and finished when i was full and food didn’t rule me any more. I felt free.

I lost about half a stone and have in the main kept it off, but that almost wasn’t the main issue for me, it was being ruled and out of control. I returned to see Sue after about 8 months as i felt i was slipping just a little bit and needed a top up to put me back on track which it certainly did. I may well visit Sue again every so often as it was almost a lifetime of struggle with food, it isn’t going to go away completely forever, but i’m in control now and loving every minute of it.