Summer fears!

Well the sun’s out and it’s summer and although it’s what we’ve all been looking forward to it does bring its own challenges…Flying things of all sorts of shapes and sizes:  from wasps to planes – where did these fears or phobias come from and what to do?

A phobia is generally an irrational fear of sheer panic, beyond self-control and reason; the cause can go way back to a significant event or may stem from just a small remark that has lodged itself in the subconscious mind

We nearly all have at least one fear or phobia of some kind or another. Mine is birds or things that dart, like mice and frogs, which, I know, is extraordinarily stupid as what are these small things going to do to me: but if a bird flies into the house, I fly out! One hypnotherapy session has helped and a couple more will do the trick.

Mostly we can live with these fears, birds are certainly not my main daily thought or preoccupation, but occasionally, for some people, their phobias take over and can ruin their life, making it difficult for them and their families, becoming a source for arguments and issues.

Often as we get older, these fears get greater as we take on board more and more information that feeds into the subconscious. However, our subconscious can suppress memories, they can be buried deep within our subconscious, way beyond the reach of our conscious recall and this includes the anxieties and emotions attached to the event. We learn over time to avoid situations, we may not even realise why we are avoiding it, we just are. All it takes is a trigger to remind us, our subconscious digs deep and says ‘hello, I remember that’ – immediately once again the fear takes over and becomes irrational panic!

Hypnotherapy explores the cause behind the fear/phobia (the symptom) and treats it, leaving you free to enjoy the summer, the bugs, the rodents, the spiders, the flying…etc…Give it a go, find out more here