‘I like you – Just the way you are’

Okay so it’s a quote from a ‘chick flick’, but if someone else likes you ‘just theLove yourself way you are’ can that allow you to do the same for yourself…accept yourself?

Most of us strive to do the very best in everything, whether it be; work, family or in our relationships with others – how we look, feel and by controlling any phobias or foibles – always seeking perfection in every way…pretty exhausting and the result maybe that whatever we do, may never be good enough for ourselves, leaving us feeling that we have to do more.

But it’s important to stress here that our worst critic is usually… ourselves. Others love us ‘just the way we are’ and we don’t and it’s those constant negative messages that lodge in our brains, with the result being, we totally believe that we’re failures…a hopeless case, unworthy of love and good things.

The fact is we’ve totally hypnotised ourselves into believing this stuff and the damage has to be undone for us to like ourselves ‘just the way we are!’ Hypnosis allows positive messages to filter through to our subconscious minds, so that we and others notice these subtle changes that happen as we increase a quiet inner confidence, which is a result of us accepting ourselves for the wonderful human beings that we are.

What you will learn from hypnotherapy is the best way in which to redirect your internal resources to achieve your goals. Most of us only use a fraction of our potential, even the brightest people may only use a tenth of their natural capacity.

Hypnotherapy can help you make yourself more capable, accepting and in charge of your thoughts by, optimising in the best way possible, the natural mental capacity with which we were born.