Changing the unconscious mind

Hypnotherapy is often surrounded by mystique, but really it is just about tapping into the unconscious mind, isolating the problem or issue and then dealing with it in the best way we can.

Hypnotherapy allows us to relax in a heightened state of awareness, when the mind is more able to take on suggestions that enables unwanted habits and behaviours to be positively changed forever!

Hypnotherapy is a pleasant, relaxing and safe state in which to be and at no time should you feel controlled, powerless or vulnerable – in fact it is down to you to work the hypnosis with therapist as your guide.

At the end of the session you will feel energised and refreshed and although it may take more than one session(usually about three) to deal with a problem, after each one you will notice the difference in your thinking and behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight management, self confidence issues, stress and anxiety, emotional problems, phobias and fears and more… for example it can significantly help reduce the pain and anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist and research has identified that it can reduce pain and increase recovery time, so please contact Karuna-aspire to talk through your concerns so that we can plan a tailored approach together, which could be using Skype if this is easier for you.

If you are thinking of using hypnosis to quit smoking please contact me for more information and if you would like a support group to help you on this journey, please click here to find out more about Quitza.