Cheers, l’chaim, skaal, proost, sante, salut, slang var! – Have you had a ‘dry’ January…are you ready for February?

Well, January was a pretty wet month with heavy snow, sleet and rain, but for you it might have been ‘dry’ with no alcohol touching your lips at all.

If that was you…well done. On the other hand, you may have cut down…resolutions and all that, or it may have been business as usual!

Well, whatever your tipple, its nearly February…so do you know your limits?

21 units for woman and 28 for men a week, with a couple of days off to let your liver recover.

What’s a unit?
  • Less than 125 mls/4fl oz of normal strength wine
  • 1/2 pt normal strength larger or beer
  • A ‘tiny weeny’ 25mls pub measure of spirit

In fact if you look at these glasses, they all contain 1 unit of wine!…

So why not download the Change4life drinks tracker app or just use the old fashioned method of pen and paper and log what you drink daily…before you forget and it all becomes a blur!

If you think there’s just too much merriment, hypnotherapy can help you cut down or give it up altogether…it’s up to you, but could, as one client told me ‘change your life and put it back on track’.

I’m here…all you need to do is contact me…cheers, l’chaim, skaal, proost, sante, salut, slang var!