Stress busters!

We all need some stress in our lives to get us up in the morning and as we all react and cope in different ways it’s difficult to gauge the causes…but our bodies weren’t made to live in a state of continual fight or flight…it can make us ill affecting health and happiness.

  • So what stresses you? Family, work, money, plate spinning…
  • What are your symptoms? Headaches, panic, IBS, disturbed sleep, anxiety, mood swings
  • How do you cope? Over eat, drink too much, stop eating, shout a lot…

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When is waste, waist?

Although it may be hard to believe, think about it for a moment, the minute you buy food it has the potential to become waste or waist.

There it is, in the fridge, in all its glory of deliciousness, twinkling at you every time you open the door and that little light goes on…’Eat me’…it says; so you do, because…well it would be rude not to… Continue reading